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In the past when people asked me if I make gluten free pastry, my answer was always a polite…Can’t have pie? How about a nice crumble... No quiche for you? Frittata is a delicious alternative…and to be perfectly honest, I stand by those feelings...

BUT, when one of my own children was prescribed a gluten free diet for health reasons, it dawned on me….sometimes the only treat that will do is sadly, not a piece of fruit, but a good old fashioned butter tart - with a flaky crust and gooey center

Making a good GF pastry is no easy feat. Gluten is the “glue” that holds dough together and gives it elasticity.

I agonized over various ingredients to substitute for the beautiful local organic flour that is my staple. I quickly realized it needed to be a combination of starches and finally settled on a recipe that was palatable to me and somewhat satisfied my food philosophy which is:

Use the best possible ingredients – all natural, local and sustainable - when possible.

Stay away from processed food

Shun fad diets

And where balance is key.

My GF pastry is tasty, and flaky. It is also delicate and requires more care handling than regular pastry (no gluten!) That said, it is easy to use and once baked most people wouldn't question that it was regular pastry.

To sum things up - you asked for it and I am delivering…Perfect Pastry GF – available by special order @


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